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“La Pasta di Papà”, a innovative pasta factory, destined to become a new landmark in the culinary landscape.

The idea was conceived by entrepreneur Angelo Losito, already chef of the restaurant the l'Osto del Borgh Vej, which has created a laboratory unique of its kind, setting up a space of over two hundred square meters, dedicated to the production of a rich variety of frozen pasta.

The history of the chef Angelo starts with a gift.
It is the day of his thirty-third birthday, when, with great astonishment, received from friends a chef uniform Dissatisfied with the proposal in the restaurants of the city, often organized dinners at home; the taste and the combinations that he proposed were always winning so, night after night, the number of invited guests starts to increase, so much that the dining and the living rooms of the guests start to go tight.

After a few month, almost like a joke, he is asked to manage a restaurant in the quadrilatero romano, “l'Osto del Borgh Vej”. Angelo gives up everything and throws himself into the task.
So starts between surprise and uncertainty, a mess-tin in solitary. Earn experience in the kitchen, driven by enthusiasm and curiosity, and gave it its creative line on simplicity: to enhance what nature offers, by combining an infinite variety of flavours, tastes and colours.

Years after “l'Osto del Borgh Vej” is one of the restaurants of reference in Turin, which stands in one of the most romantic squares in the city. Angelo became a father, and, during a dinner in a bistro his children, Pietro and Noemi, confess to him, just as the friends of the old evenings, the food at school is disappointing: “it would be so nice to have the daddy  pasta all day”, they say.
This shy desire, in a short time took the form of a new challenge: distribute and export fresh frozen pasta. Thus opens the pasta factory - "la pasta di papà, a laboratory of constant research, aimed at the exploration of new culinary horizons, which aim to enhance the authentic flavor of the raw materials. True to the motto: “nature creates and I give her a help”.


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We produce pasta with the strong awareness that food is a fundamental aspect of our life and, in a sense, what we eat determines who we are.

The laboratory of Corso Principe Oddone, 46 offers a wide range of pasta of the highest quality, made only with high-quality materials, with an eye to the culinary tradition of piedmont, to delight the palate of the most demanding customers. Are selected only the best of the season and used several different types of flour that has particular nutritional properties.

The modern lifestyle and the sedentary lifestyle does not allow for good metabolism and not let you eat in an adequate way. Certainly it is difficult to change the social context in which we live, but definitely many small steps can help us to get to the correct diet, preferring healthy food.

The W.H.O has officially declared war on the trans-fatty acids oTFA, inviting all countries to adopt specific rules (summarised in the acronym REPLACE, which include legislative actions and educational) so that their use will disappear altogether by 2023, especially in the case where it is still present, because by doing so it would prevent 500,000 deaths a year from cardiovascular disease.

At the bottom of the human life is made up of foods that are transformed, you must be careful and choose them with care.


We have a pasta machine suitable for every need. Machines for filled pasta, presses, up to the equipment for the treatment of pasta as pasteurizers, sieves, dryers.

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